Verwood Runners is an inclusive UK Athletics affiliated running club aimed at bringing the mental and physical benefits of running to everyone.

Our main objective is make running fun and safe, and for you to get out of it what you want. Running is a fantastic social sport that encourages the development of many skills that can applied elsewhere in life.

Being a UK Athletics affiliated running club means you have access to fully insured and qualified Leaders in Running Fitness, and a fully qualified Coach in Running Fitness.

If you would like to join us, we would love to welcome you along. Please see our Facebook group for more information:



Periodically, we host C25K (Couch to 5k) courses for those just starting out on their running journey. We will update this website as well as our FaceBook page ( with dates for the next course when they become available.


Existing Runners

Our run Leaders / Coaches take runs that are suitable for all ability levels for existing runners capable of running at least 5k. These range from easy 5k runs to more challenging but hugely beneficial specially structured sessions such as interval training.

Please seeĀ  our Facebook group ( for more on information as to when and where we meet.