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Verwood Runners is run entirely on fundraising alone. Our principal is to never charge you for attending our runs or being a member and we want to stick to that principal

During the pandemic year(s) we have been unable to do our usual fundraising  and whilst we have managed to secure grants and fundraising through your generous efforts we still have a shortfall

We add a small markup on all our merchandise which goes straight back into the club but we also lose that part of that markup to paypal of roughly 5% per sale before then taking out cost of manufacture and distribution.

If you would like to offset this cost then please just add this item to your basket of £1

its only £1 but it all adds up! if we offset the paypal costs for 140 items that pays for 1 more run leader!

If you are paying by BACs then you don’t need to worry

Thank you for your continued support